Kaffee Catering Deluxe

Spoil your guests

Whenever sybarista attends an event, we not only make mouthwatering coffee for you and your guests but also create an unforgettably enjoyable atmosphere. Our charming baristas are masters of their craft. They will impress your guests with their amazing latte art and will help turn your event into a success. Many of our long-term clients always have us marked on their calendars and would have it no other way. We love good coffee and are convinced that it works wonders.

Attention to detail

„We love what we do and we know what it takes to be a great host. Our coffee makes your clients happy and your event unforgettable“

Arash Etemadi, owner and SCAE-certified barista

Our Expertise

Thanks to our premium products, exceptional staff, and first-rate coffee machines, we are able to create a cup of coffee that is second to none not only in Germany but also throughout Europe and for as few as 100 or as many as 1000 guests. We are experts at hosting events and our services will undoubtedly provide added value to your event.

How our Service improve the value of your event

Coffee unites people. A great coffee bar acts as a magnet for your clients, guests, and staff.

Our well-trained baristas are masters of their craft and great at striking up conversation.

The amazing latte art that our baristas produce will surely wow your audience.

We guarantee the use of first-rate, fair-trade coffee. Our freshly roasted beans have an incredible aroma and even better flavor.

We use sustainable products and organic milk, because, like you, we believe in acting responsibly.

We train our baristas specifically for your event so that everything goes exactly according to plan.

A picture is worth a thousand words

We don’t just pour milk, we create masterpieces. Our latte art is so impressive that most coffee lovers insist on taking a picture of their drink before they sacrifice the artwork upon enjoying their first sip. The secret to good latte art is the perfect crema and the proper consistency of the milk froth.

The sybarista- deluxe recipe for success

Making a Masterful Cup of Coffee

The sybarista-deluxe recipe for success consists of three ingredients:

Sustainable coffee and organic products, top-of-the-line coffee machines, and competent and personalized service. By insisting on all three components, we are able to serve your customers the best-possible cup of coffee and provide them with a truly unforgettable experience.